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Committed to Quality Service

At Sanders Unlimited, we understand the importance of keeping your industrial machinery running and with in factory specifications. We offer many solutions to your machinery needs when it comes to repairs, spare parts, consulting, or service contracts.
The following services are just a few that are available from Sanders Unlimited:

Wide Belt Sander Repair

We repair most industrial wide belt sanders, including Timesavers, DMC, Costa, Heesemann.

Alignments on a Wide Belt Sander

Alignment of your sanding heads and contact drums, pinch rolls, shoes and platen assemblies is critical to achieve the best finish possible for your machine.

Component Repair/Rebuild

Includes resurfacing your conveyor bed and bed plates, retipping your shoe assemblies, and rebuilding your segmented platen assemblies. We also can repair component/computer boards at a fraction of the cost of new ones.

Orbital Head Assembly Repair/Rebuild

Our orbital heads are completely disassembled, inspected for worn components, reassembled back to factory specifications and balanced. We take our rebuilds one step further by bench testing each head for 4-8 hours after balancing prior to shipping them out. This ensures a smooth break-in period for our customers and eliminates future issues.

Sanding Head Assembly Repair/Rebuild

If your sanding head is in need of repair, send it to us or have us come out and remove it from your machine. Whether it’s a rubber contact drum that needs to be recovered or dressed and balanced, your bearings need to be replaced, your steel drum needs turning and balancing, or you have a segmented platen that needs to be rebuilt, we have the capabilities and knowledge to rebuild almost any wide belt sanding head, abrasive planer head, cutter heads with inserts or knives, and segmented platen heads.

Dressing Rubber Covered Contact Drums

Any rubber covered contact drum or pinch roll will show wear after time. When contact drums become damaged or worn, it may be necessary to have them reground and possibly rebalanced. If there is more than 1/8” damage or wear in the rubber, the rubber covered drum (contact drum) my need to be removed from the machine and recovered, ground and balanced. We recommend dressing your rubber covered contact drums at least once a year in a high production environment. Your rubber covered contact drums will go through heat cycles, causing the durometer of the rubber covering to change and eventually harden. This could create finishing issues on your product.

It is critical the rubber covered drum (contact drum) is ground concentric to the journals at the location where the bearings are located. High speed rubber covered drums (contact drums) should be rebalanced as close to operating RPM as possible. Dynamic balancing is recommended.

In most cases, rubber covered contact drums can be "kiss" ground while being left in the machine. If your rubber covered drum (contact drum) is producing a slight machine chatter, this may be the best method of eliminating any effects of drum and/or bearing run out. It is extremely important to ensure the rubber covered drum (contact drum) be level to the conveyor belt and/or conveyor bed plate so as to not grind a taper into the drum face which will cause abrasive belt tracking issues such as folding or creasing. Sanders Unlimited has designed a device to dress/kiss grind your rubber covered contact drum without removing it from your machine saving you labor costs. Contact us today to schedule a service call and have your drums dressed/kiss ground.

Recover/Grind/Balance Rubber Covered Rolls

SANDERS UNLIMITED has the ability to recover, grind and balance all types and sizes of rollers for a wide variety of industries including woodworking, metal working, roll coating and fishing lines and laminating/gluing. We can offer specialized rubber formulations which provide "on target" competitive prices and "on time" delivery. Benefits: Fast Delivery - rush orders 3 to 5 days from receipt of cores 10 business days on standard roller delivery, depending on balancing needs Rubber Expertise – Sanders Unlimited can recommend materials to meet your specific needs Capabilities - equipment to handle 210" long x 36" diameter rollers weighing up to 5,000 lbs

Operator Training

We offer classroom training as well as hands on instruction at your machine. We can customize a training session to fit your needs. We can also include maintenance training on your sander.

Consulting Services

  • Production Efficiency
  • Application Guidelines
  • Cost Reduction Plan
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Recommended spare parts to reduce downtime

Sanding Solutions

Preventative Maintenance

Turn and Balance Steel Drums

Service Contracts

Full Machine Shop Capabilities

Telephone Support - 24/7

Labor Rates

Regular Hours - $85.00/hour

After Hours, Weekends, Holidays - $105.00/hour

Travel Time to and from your location - $45.00/hour

Per Diem (food) - $55.00/day

Other travel expenses are billed at cost to the customer and include, but are not limited to, airfare, lodging, automobile rental, parking and fuel. Mileage on local service calls only is .75/mile + travel time to and from your location.

References supplied upon request.


The Alignment Tool

The Alignment Tool is available now and is designed to do a complete alignment on wide belt sanders. This is the only alignment tool on the market that will align your bottom head sanders with ease! Works on ALL wide belt sanders, top or bottom machines.” Price: $525.00 + shipping/handling

DMC 4-Head, Drum, Drum, Drum, Platen



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