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Machinery Re-Builds

Depending on the situation, re-building a machine is can be more cost effective than purchasing a new one. Sander Unlimited has extensive experience repairing and rebuilding Costa, Dura Supreme, Kinston as well as a number of other machines.

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Wide Belt Sander Repair

When a machine goes down, often the entire shop’s production does too. At Sanders Unlimited, we get it. We strive to arrive at your location as quickly as possible no matter where you are in the country to diagnose the problem and resolve it.

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Wide Belt Sander Alignment Tool for Sale

Alignments on a Wide Belt Sander

Alignment issues occur more often than many shops would like. Some can be resolved fairly quickly by an experienced person. Feel free to visit our Tips page for troubleshooting ideas.

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Component Repair/Rebuild

Some of the common repairs and rebuilds we a called to work on include: resurfacing your conveyor bed and bed plates, retipping your shoe assemblies, and rebuilding your segmented platen assemblies.

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Orbital Head Assembly Repair/Rebuild

Our orbital heads are completely disassembled, inspected for worn components, reassembled back to factory specifications and balanced. We take our rebuilds one step further by bench testing each head for 4-8 hours after balancing prior to shipping them out.

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Sanding Head Assembly Repair/Rebuild

If your sanding head is in need of repair, send it to us or have us come out and remove it from your machine. Whether it’s a rubber contact drum that needs to be recovered or dressed and balanced, your bearings need to be replaced, your steel drum needs turning and balancing

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Dressing Rubber Covered Contact Drums

Any rubber covered contact drum or pinch roll will show wear after time. When contact drums become damaged or worn, it may be necessary to have them reground and possibly rebalanced.

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Recover/Grind/Balance Rubber Covered Rolls

Sanders Unlimited has the ability to recover, grind and balance all types and sizes of rollers for a wide variety of industries including woodworking, metal working, roll coating and fishing lines and laminating/gluing.

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Operator Training

We offer classroom training as well as hands on instruction at your machine. We can customize a training session to fit your needs.

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Consulting Services

In addition to repairs, re-builds and spare parts for your machine(s), Sanders Unlimited also offers consulting and service contracts with 24/7 telephone support.

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