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From Rich Siena:

“I recently called Sanders Unlimited to help me fix a problem with my wide-belt sander drum. Rather than charge me for a visit, Chris told me it was something he thought I could fix myself. He spent more than a half hour on the phone with me, explaining the whole procedure step by step. I offered to pay him for his time, but he refused, knowing that I had a small shop without a large machinery budget. He said he was happy to help. I greatly appreciate the time and effort he put into helping me, not to mention sharing his knowledge with me — something not so common these days. Everything he explained to me worked perfectly, and we are now up and running again. I did not expect this kind of help and am very happy that I found them — I would definitely call again if the need arose. Thanks….”

From Rich Knofsky – Shiloh High School Industrial Tech Teacher

“Chris was a great help in getting my classroom wide-belt up and running. His knowledge and experience talked me “back off the ledge” (LOL!) from the frustration of working with an older machine. I would highly recommend him and Sanders Unlimited if you are in need of assistance.”